The clinic has the best ophthalmologic surgery room in the city

Where we exclusively perform eye surgery to ensure asepsis of the facilities.

Modern rooms with specially coated Swedish manufacturing, which prevents the adherence of the bacteria to their walls or floors thus improving sterility and minimizing the risk of infections.


Provide phtalmology services with its subspecialties and services of Optometry, with a high professional and technological level, attending to the needs of our users in a timely and efficient, with an optimal level of quality to contribute to the continuous improvement of the clinical processes And the development of the department


To be in 2019 the first departmental ophthalmological clinic leader in the provision of specialized services of ophthalmology through a human and personalized attention with an excellent human resource and the highest technology
It is our intention to remain up to date with the ophthalmological advances to offer our patients the best quality of care in Ophthalmology and to remain as the best institution for the eye care of the North of Santander, proudly cucuteña.

Clinical Ophthalmology Peñaranda