It is another of the new techniques that are being used in the treatment of diseases such as keratoconus to regularize the shape of the cornea
The intracorneal rings are small and semi-circular plastic segments that are implanted inside the cornea, in the stroma, to flatten and regularize its surface. By decreasing the corneal distortion, a better quality of vision is achieved. Also, it corrects near-sightedness partially and astigmatism defects, facilitating the further use of glasses or contact lenses. The surgery is simple, outpatient and it is done under topical anesthesia (with drops). Visual recovery is slow; it usually takes several months to reach overall improvement. There is minimum disability, just a couple of days. It is also a reversible process, which means that if the improvement of vision is not achieved, the rings can be removed and a corneal transplant can be carried out.