• The Peñaranda Ophthalmology Clinic was founded in 1.964.

    The creation of the Peñaranda Eye Clinic dates back to 1964 when Dr Carlos Luis Peñaranda P began his work as an ophthalmologist in the city of Cucuta. Dr Peñaranda was the third Colombian mentee of Dr. José Ignacio Barraquer, and he developed a brilliant professional career that lasted for 22 years; during which the foundations for the creation of an institute dedicated exclusively to eye care were established.
  • In 1987 his eldest son, Carlos Ivan graduated as an ophthalmologist from the Barraquer Institute

    Dr. Peñaranda died in 1987. In 1987, his oldest son, Carlos Ivan graduated as an ophthalmologist from the Institute Barraquer of America in Bogotá and settled in Cúcuta to continue the work that his father had begun. And so, in 1992, the Peñaranda Eye Clinic is inaugurated in its current facilities. In 1993, Jairo, a brother of Carlos, who also graduated from the Barraquer institute in Bogotá, came to work in the Peñaranda Eye clinic.P
  • In 1993, his brother Jairo, also a graduate of the Barraquer Clinic in Bogotá, arrives.

    The clinic has pioneered many procedures and ophthalmologic technology. It is the only institution that performs incisional refractive surgery (with diamond blade) in the department. Also, it is the only institution that performs corneal transplants frequently, making Cucuta the provincial city where this procedure is performed the most, according to statistics.
  • As for cataract surgery, we performed ultrasound surgery (phacoemulsification) since 2000

    Regarding Cataract surgery, we have been performing ultrasound surgery (Phacoemulsification) since 2000 and we have extensive experience in this technique. Last year, we updated the ultrasound equipment by purchasing an Infiniti model phacoemulsificator, from the Alcon brand. Its main feature is that it has a lateral movement of the ultrasound tip (Ozil) which makes it much more efficient and secure. With this, we have taken a step further in the pursuit of excellence in order to benefit our patients.
  • For the past 3 years we have the Excímer German laser brand Schwind

    In regards to the correction of visual defects by laser surgery, for 3 years we have had the German Excimer laser, an Esiris model from the brand Schwind that has excellent quality and performance. The Barraquer Institute (Bogota), the Carriazo Institute (Barranquilla), Lafam Optics (Barranquilla and Bogotá) and most of the important centers that offer refractive surgery in the country have this piece of equipment.
  • Since the year 2005

    In 2005, we also entered in the field of retina and vitreous surgery. We are able to take care of the patients with vitreo-retinal problems who used to have to travel to other cities to get treatment. This pushed the clinic to recently acquire all the necessary technology to treat these pathologies, which include diode laser for retina and glaucoma treatments and another YAG laser for cleaning intra-ocular lenses and glaucoma surgery by laser.
  • Since 2007

    Since 2007, we also count with the assistance of sub-specialists in Glaucoma and oculoplastic surgery, paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus in order to expand our portfolio and to provide access to high quality ophthalmology to every patient who needs treatment because his conditions requires so.
It is our intention to remain up to date with the ophthalmological advances to offer our patients the best quality of care in Ophthalmology and to remain as the best institution for the eye care of the North of Santander, proudly cucuteña.

Clínica Oftalmológica Peñaranda

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